Spin Class

With the weekend upon the horizon, it is important to get outside and exercise, though most will be taking a spin class this weekend. Yes, the spin class instructors on the talking head shows will begin immediately post debate, and continue throughout the weekend. There will be so much spinning, you will be dizzy.

Talking of spin, you have to love the loopy lameness of Hardball’s Chris Matthews. His questions can be so loaded, and so asinine. Apparently, listening to him, you cannot support the war unless you are willing to go yourself to Iraq now. Huh? Does he not understand the volunteer army? Does he understand supporting a cause? Apparently, following his loopy logic, you could not support civil rights unless you attended a march. Is he that stupid? He supports welfare programs, yet, do you think he is on welfare? Why not, if he really believes in their need, shouldn’t he be living by that example, and if not, how can he support such a cause? He supports higher taxes, yet do you think he pays a little extra now? You know not. Do you think he is thinking about what he says, or just trying to make someone look a fool on poorly viewed television show? As a spin class instructor, he’s a bit loud and abrasive. He’ll disappear again, after the election is over.

Let’s not forget, this weekend you should, if you wish to find a modified state, have a drink, a joint, a snort, a prick, a shot, whatever, but stay away from the VIOXX.

Enjoy the debate, or really, what follows, and let the exercise in futility begin.

Spin, baby, spin.

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