Clearly Clear Politics Befuddlement

The Constitution is to help protect the minority from the majority. Tolerance is a good way of looking at what you expect from good governance, not tyranny. So, let’s look at stem cells and taxes:

The right says taxes are burdensome, onerous on individuals who are unfairly carrying the burden of those benefiting from government programs. Taxes are immoral. Many would agree. Many on the right also say stem cell research is wrong, purely on moral grounds, and must be stopped.

The left says the government has no business interfering with possible scientific advancements of stem cell research and that the research should be allowed, encouraged, even funded, but definitely not prohibited by the government. That would be immoral. They also believe that the same government can call upon and oblige its citizens to pay for those who choose to burden society.

A reasoned approach that would kill Clear Politics: Taxes should not be imposed to pay for the choices of another, nor should research be prohibited that may benefit others. Yes, we may not all agree, but allowing those who disagree to survive together without infringing upon the rights of others is what a free society is about. We should not burden or infringe upon another, even when we do not agree, if they are not causing us harm. What we have is a government of “those in power will impose.” And impose they will.

We battle to see who will impose what upon our neighbor. Sure, the neighbor is a jerk, but if I do not want him imposing upon me when he is in power, I need to not impose on him when I am in power. Do you understand what Lysander was talking about in No Treason?

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Libertarian for 2004 wrote:

I'm just battling to be left alone, that's why I vote Libertarian.

Both parties have usurped private property rights, and I don't want a king.
10/13/04 15:42:23

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