Your daughter is a lesbian. Did you know your daughter is a lesbian? You know, your daughter’s a lesbian.

The game of politics can be very, very ugly, but does it get much uglier than it has been played by Kerry/Edwards in the debates.

In the Vice-President candidate’s debate, Edwards went out of his way to make a point you could see he had been waiting serve: “Listen, America, before you vote for Cheney, you should know his daughter is a lesbian! HIS DAUGHTER IS A LESBIAN! Blah, blah, blah, LESBIAN!” It was really bad, and a clearly offensive, clearly political move.

In the last President candidate’s debate, Kerry went out of his way to remind everyone that Bush’s running mate has a lesbian daughter. Did you know Bush’s running mate has a lesbian daughter? Did you know Cheney’s daughter is a lesbian? Cheney’s daughter is a lesbian, did you know that?

If the Kerry/Edwards campaign has taught us anything this campaign season, it is that Dick Cheney’s daughter is a … (D)emocrat talking point.

Do you think that was all of the lesbian clear politicking going on? No, Edwards’ wife jumped into the fray when Mrs. Cheney said that Kerry’s comment on her daughter was a cheap shot: ”I think that indicates a certain degree of shame with respect to her daughter's sexual preferences,’ Edwards said.

Whether one is gay or not, should be of no one’s concern, but to use an opponent’s child’s sexual preference as part of your campaign is insulting. The question is why is the homosexual community not pissed about any of this? Sure, they are a part of the (D)emocrat base, but why? Do they not see how they are (D)emeaned? Where else are they going to go? You are better off voting for Nader than supporting these droll dolts.

Did you know that the daughter of Bush’s VEEP is a… You did? Good, because it is important that you know the VEEP Cheney’s daughter is a …

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masterdebater wrote:

What else is there to know, and I said it a bit more quickly:
10/14/04 10:08:24

fchapman wrote:

When Bush endorsed a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, he made homosexuality an issue. In doing so, Bush was insensitive not only to all gay Americans, but also to his own Vice President's family. This is clearly a topic for discussion. This is why Vice President Cheney decided to discuss it as well. Once he raised the issue, the fact that he disagrees with the position is relevant to all Americans. And if you have no issues with someone being a lesbian, then there is no shame in having someone raise the issue.
10/14/04 11:32:21

Cindy Montgomery wrote:

I agree with fchapman. It is the bushies who made homosexuality an issue again. Why are the cheney's ashamed of their daughter ? Both Kerry and Edwards paid the Cheneys a compliment. Cheney mentions his daughter often so seem it is double standard that the right can "use" Mary when it suits them but then hide it when it doesn't. What is the right afraid of ? That their religious base will be turned off ? There was nothing wrong with what either Kerry OR Edwards said about Mary Cheney UNLESS one has a problem with homosexuality.
10/14/04 12:01:29

Sara Jordan wrote:

I don’t agree with the Constitutional amendment, but I don't think that was what the homosexuality comments were about in the debates. I felt, when they were said, they were trying to gain points by telling on him, by telling America his family is "dysfunctional." I don’t care if anyone is a lesbian, but when I heard those comments, I thought they were mean. He wasn’t saying it to be kind.
10/14/04 12:58:35

clearpolitics wrote:

10/14/04 13:23:40

Lew DeMatthews wrote:

Gays are "real people" too. They deserve benefits and rights like everyone does. The issue is important enough to come up in a presidential debate. However, significant others, son, daughter, or spouse of candidates don't. I'm not exacty sure why they (Kerry & Edwards) brought VP's daughter into the picture but it was not to praise the VP. It was planned and attempting to spark some negative response. The jokes on K & E's. Cheney handled it graciously, and president Bush defused it also. And as far as Terayyysa's was horrible! How could a woman and a mother say such a thing to another woman. I don't care how much $ she's got, she's a wacko.
10/28/04 15:08:45

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