Third World USA

When did we become a third world country? Look at all of the news about our inability to run an election:

Colorado has all kinds of issues, including the registration of felons.

The DNC is planning a pre-emptive strike, even if there is no evidence of voter fraud.

In Oregon they are looking into accusations that canvassers were instructed to destroy Democrat registrations.

Ohio is dealing with fraudulent registration.

Nevada—more charges of Democrat registration destruction.

They are planning for more problems in Florida.

And on, and on, and…

One big part of the problem is that the parties have spent over $100,000,000—yes that is over one-hundred-million dollars—trying to get out the vote. We have made registration very, very easy in this country, which is a good thing, but why so much money to sign people up who, for the most part, will still not vote in the upcoming election? You could do a lot of good with this much money, and it clearly is not doing any good in the “get out the vote” campaigns. And why do we want people to vote who have no interest in the election—oh yeah, to win at any cost, even $100,000,000+.

Whoever wins the election, there will be a lot of complaining, and it looks like if Bush wins there is going to be complaining even if there is no evidence of wrong doing.

Anyone who wants to vote can vote. All you do is register before the deadline and show up at the polls. This third world rhetoric is absurd. The administration of our voting is not corrupt and disenfranchising, it works, as long as you get out and vote.

Who are the people telling us we can’t run our elections? Those who think this is a third world country don’t deserve our vote, as they have a dim view of you.

Oh, but don’t worry, to many it is just a game, an illusionists show titled—Clear Politics. Yes, you are part of the show.

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Vote Twice in -04 wrote:

We need a voting card, like a driver’s license. Tie it into a computer, so you cannot vote more than once. We could even use our social security card. Everyone of age is automatically registered, and all that money could go to me, for my brilliant idea.

P.S. Forget the party affiliation checkbox, just ask for the party ballot you want when you walk in to vote.
10/15/04 09:02:18

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