Weekend Joys

Yes, taking a moment’s break for the absurdity of the “Get Out the Vote Fraud,” one should enjoy the beauty of the weekend days, or daze, however you choose to spend your time.

Those who are very politically incorrect and have a sense of humor about the futility of so much, may want to check out Team America: World Police. Hopefully, it is funny, but if you are still in the more serious political mode, there is Celsius 41.11—oh wait, that is only playing in two theaters. Well, there is the much touted Farenhype 9/11—oh wait, that is not playing in any theater. Then maybe you should go see Friday Night Lights, that is playing everywhere.

Whatever you do, try to relax and have some fun, and reconsider those prescription drugs that make you smile. We now know about VIOXX, and have just learned a bit more about the deadly anti-depressants:

"Antidepressants increase the risk of suicidal thinking and behavior …"


But don’t worry, when it comes to your use of illicit drugs, the government’s got your back… yeah, right.

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Captain Creole wrote:

Go Team America! That movie was hilarious! I’m going again.
10/17/04 14:05:14

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