A Gift for Moore

Is it possible? Will Michael Moore receive what he wants more than anything, the presidency returned to the American people?

Moore often claims that he wants to return the presidency to the American people, that the majority of the people elected Gore as president, so Bush’s presidency is illegitimate. He simply wants to return the presidency to the majority, because he’s a good man.

Such a nice man, who profited only a little bit off of the tragedy he abhors and has given him so much glory. Well, we may give him what he wants. If the polls continue to break away from Kerry, and Bush’s electoral count continues to grow, Bush should win the election as well as the popular vote. Michael Moore will be so pleased.

The last thing we want is for Kerry to win the electoral vote and lose the popular vote, because that would really upset Michael Moore—he would work hard to return the presidency to the American people, and call Kerry’s presidency illegitimate, and make an anti-Kerry movie, and… He really cares about us.

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deb3horse wrote:

Item#1 The Heinz-Kerry/Kofi Annan connection

Based upon previous and various biographical listings for Theresa Heinz Kerry, she proudly posts that she was a classmate of Kofi Annan at the Geneva Language school. They are apparently really good friends. This brings up a lot of questions:
1. With her friendship and her obvious financial control of John Kerry...what would or could he do about the "Oil for Food" scandal that Kofi and son are up to their backsides in?
2. Since we have only two pages of Ms. Heinz-Kerry's financials, exactly where did some of the money come from...maybe "Oil for Food" either directly or via France or another "ally."
3. Will the U.N. become our "new" government, complete with President of the U.N. Bill Clinton.
4. Where will all this leave our security?

Item #2 The REAL Flu Shot Story

The Flu Shot was originally manufactured in the U.S. It is designed to prevent the top 3 to 4 strains of flu from taking hold. When the liability became too great, Chiron based in the U.K. started manufacturing it because liability wasn't as great upon them. They did it as a favor to us, even though there was a low profit margin.

Now to the liability issue. In the late 80's a North Carolina man got the flu after receiving the flu shot. He sued the U.S. company that manufactured it and won $5 million for his pain and suffering. Now for the good part, he and many others in the U.S. have sued. These suits were based upon a precedent set by this suit. His attorney was an up and coming ambulance chaser by the name of John Edwards. Get the picture.
10/23/04 10:28:02

An independent thinker wrote:

"Clear Politics" is as "Fair and Balanced" as Fox News. Another pathetic Bush propaganda site.
10/23/04 13:37:53

Thinking requires thought wrote:

When given the choice between Bush and Kerry, an “independent” might choose Kerry, but an “independent thinker” would not.
10/23/04 18:05:22

Jim D wrote:

There are many liberals who despise propagandists with no loyalty to truth. One such liberal viewed Michael Moore's alleged "documentary". Although many other liberals agree, his article condemning Moore as the Nazi-style propagandist that he is, is one of the best. Here is the link:

10/24/04 19:57:30

Thinking requires thought wrote:

Thanks for the link. Great article.
10/24/04 21:34:00

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