How Much? 10,000 x $300/hr x 12hrs = $36,000,000

Do you have an extra $36 million, for the day? Come on, it is not cheap have 10,000 lawyers at the ready, and a cause needs lawyers.

When John Kerry selected John Edwards as his running mate, you had to realize he was accepting of the lawyer class, and the burden they dump on the economy. Did you know how much John Kerry loved lawyers? Do you know anyone else in the history of this little blue marble who has gathered a group of 10,000 lawyers as his gang, waiting to be beckoned? Can you fathom a reason anyone would need 10,000 lawyers?

Some would say so the 2000 election does not happen again. What does that mean, that the (D)emocrat lose? Move on, sell your ideas and give the electorate a reason to vote for your billionaire, your man who has come to give government goodies to his fellow citizenry, including Dick Cheney’s daughter—she’s a lesbian, you know. That is a risk too great. What if the American people are not smart enough to know what 10,002—Edwards and his wife are lawyers—already know, that Kerry is the gigolo for the job?

John Kerry must love lawyers, and not just the ones that helped him with his prenup with Teresa. Is anyone concerned that if John Kerry wins the next four years will be the most litigious in world history? And if that does not concern you, you have not experienced the ugliness of the profession. The prenup your wife has you sign must have been pretty simple. Don’t worry, John will give you a chance to experience the law.

It is interesting, that the party so concerned with helping the people is planning on attacking the people’s system with 10,000 lawyers. Are they not the party most well known for the get out the vote fraud. (Interesting that when the (R)epublicans say that the rules should be followed for voting, the (D)emocrats call it disenfranchisement.) What does that (D) stand for?

Isn’t this the same party where (D)emocrats introduced a bill to bring back the draft, which Kerry now uses to accuse Bush of planning on bringing back the draft? Sure, it is dishonest, but it is just a little bit of Clear Politics. Is Bush a great man? Is he a good man? Is he a decent man? And Kerry?

When you vote for Kerry, think of one of those 10,002 lawyers suing the business where you work. Sure, you may lose you job, and your health insurance premiums will skyrocket, but John Kerry promised more jobs, and nothing will stop him from keeping his promise, no matter how many new lawyers his job program creates. Just think, if Kerry becomes president, you too can become a lawyer, and he will have a job for you.

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Thinking requires thought wrote:

You should see the headlines in the papers in other countries. They all seem to talk about the lawyers in the upcoming election.

This is why they say elections are not ready to take place in Iraq, because they don't have enough lawyers. It is also the reason they are not talking about the successful election in Afghanistan, because they took place without lawyers.

This country is a joke. I hope Kerry loses by a landslide so the lawyers have nothing to fight about. He keeps talking about how we look to the rest of the world, but look what he is doing already, they think this is a joke, and he isn’t even in office.

At least the success in Afghanistan is covered by other countries:
10/25/04 09:14:53

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