Interview Who?

Watch enough and you can see George Bush giving sit down interviews with reporters. Keep surfing the channels and you can find John Edwards giving a new interview. Look a bit more, and you will not find John Kerry?

How come John Kerry will not sit down and do an interview with a news reporter, someone who is not a clowning television personality? Sure, he will sit down with the deeply intellectual Jon Stewart and chit-chat with David Letterman, but will he sit down with a reporter? It appears not. Perhaps he wants to level with us psychically. Wait, wait, something is coming inÖ

Telepathy, Johnís promise.

Do all j ns think alike?

posted at 19:07:19 on 10/25/04 by clearpolitics - Category: The Cause - [Permalink]

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Kerry vs. Katie: Katie Wins wrote:

Did you see him on NBC's Today show? He couldn't handle the questions from Katie Couric.

Watch that interview and you will know why he wont be found sitting down with the press.
10/26/04 14:10:25

Elby wrote:

In May 04 Kerry said at an Iowa State Democrats Dinner that he wished there was a delete button for Lexis-Nexis (referring to 1971 stuff). No interviews is his realization there is no delete button for 2004 stuff.
10/27/04 20:54:46

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