What a difference a week makes. What difference will a week make?

A week ago, Bush was behind in many of the Electoral College calculations, now he is ahead. Wait, the talking heads say the polls are now treading toward Kerry and his 10,002 lawyers. Trending?

If you have followed the polls, you have heard interpretations all over the place, with the campaign spokesmen using the sweetest of Clear Politics to explain the polls and make their candidates look good—to look like the winner. Will it change the outcome? Remember, there are those who want to vote for the winner.

Kerry’s campaign slogan has been, “I’ll do everything Bush has done, only better and faster.” So, according to Kerry there is no real difference between the candidates. “How will he do things better and faster?” you ask. Remember, when he is president, cripples will rise from their chairs and walk, the Iraqi army will be trained faster and terrorists will be a nuisance—he will be a God.

The economy appears to be getting a bit better, and here at Clear Politics we have our own economic indicators we have used for a long time, and things do appear to be on the up-tick. Kerry can only kill this, but with a (R)epublican congress, everything will probably be fine, as long as there is no terror attack.

Anyone who does not believe the terrorists want Kerry in office is being a bit foolish. Bush has taken the war to them. Like it or not, the terrorists want to battle us, and they will want to destroy us even if we are very nice to them and coddle them, even if we sully ourselves and slide up close to the corrupt French and take some graft like the rest of the UN. The USA will still be a target, and if you think Kerry has the cahones to deal with that problem, you do not live near a target area, do you?

Whatever happens, the country will survive, but like most (52%), we think it is preferable the country thrive. The country thrives when the government gets out of the way and lets the economy grow. Clinton did not invent the internet, or its bubble, but he stayed out of the way and enjoyed the ride. Kongress will Keep Kerry out of the way, if he were to win, but we really are not that foolish, are we? The terrorist sure hope so, and, yes, they are real.

No, we are not that foolish, are we?

Well, we will know next week, if we turn the government over to the meek.

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John Daley wrote:

President John Kennedy said "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country!" Today the Republicans agree.

Today's democrats say: "Ask not what your country can do for you but what your country can do for you!"

An ole man was once asked when democracy would fail and he replied "when more people are depending on the government than are supporting it.

Next time you are listening to a democrat ask your self if they are worried about the country thriving or their thriving of the government. You will be shocked at how clear the distinction is!
10/26/04 09:53:28

John Daley wrote:

sorry, Democrats say: Ask not what you can do for your country but what your country can do for you.

I know, I know the majority of you knew what I ment but I have to clarify for those that agree with the above cause they are not interested in the concept only what's in it for them or what they can not be responsible for!
10/26/04 09:57:39

US defends us wrote:

Freedom. It is a word we cherish, but how can we be free if we must pay the way for the sloth around us?

The “ole man” you refer to is correct, and if you think about it, is that not what Kerry is saying about the UN? That the UN should fight the war on terrorism, and not the US? That our fight should be their fight? We must be willing to defend ourselves, whether or not others wish to come to our aid.

In a Democrats world, those who do nothing are reward, while those who move ahead, progress, are chastised.
10/26/04 10:53:36

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