Dick. No, not Bush’s Dick, Bill’s Dick.

Dick Morris. Yes, Dick Morris. It is hard to believe, but if you listen to any talking head shows, and are fortunate enough to hear Dick Morris speak, he is the most honest and straight forward (D)emocrat you will hear speak. He calls the members of his party as he sees them, even being honest enough about his old friend Bill Clinton to say his campaigning for Kerry is really about him get some of that attention he loves and needs.

BTW: He does not seem to think that Kerry is going to pull this off, and believes that the war and terror are the significant issues Bush makes them. Did he get tired of playing Clear Politics? It is nice to hear a bit of truth, no matter where it is spoken.

(He called the Wolves ad one of the best ever, and appropriate. For those in New York and California, you probably have not seen the ad, since there is no race in either of those states, so watch it here.)

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pete vida wrote:

sothernstates? what were we thinking, wheres the message, its always been marginal, four years of hell equals fifty years of progress. We almost won it's close. All things change. I hope it's soon, and keeps our liberties alive.
11/04/04 17:38:29

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