You Want Our Votes? Or You’re Going to Sue?!

Really, the (D)emocrats want our votes? Even if you agree with some of what they have to say, are there really many Americans who wish to conduct their lives through whining and complaint, and suing the hell out of everyone around them. Talk about bullying the electorate, the process, and they call themselves progressives? Election day is next Tuesday, and the (D)emocrats have already filed nine lawsuits in Florida. You think they might have doubts about their prospects Florida?

It has to make you proud to be a (D)emocrat, especially if you are one of the 10,002 lawyers comprising the Kerry jobs program. Lawyers, the face of the (D)emocrat party. Is this really going to bring them across the finish line first?

When you think (D)emocrat, think lawyer, think of the picture of the lawyer on the bus bench, there for their 30%, or so, on your suffering. Think of the woman who was awarded $2.9 million for spilling McDonald’s coffee on her lap. Think about how Starbuck’s coffee is now cold. Think (D)emocrat. Think lawyer. Think progress? Think not.

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