The Ugliest of Clear Politics

CBS wants to drop a bombshell of ridiculous allegations on Bush two days before the election, and ABC will not report a story—a tape they have with al Qaeda threatening the United States. Are they protecting us from making our own informed decision?

The nastiness of Clear Politics is that is not only played with the information offered, but with the information that is withheld. Fortunately, it is a much harder game to play with the availability of information flying freely through the internet.

Information that could help Kerry will be pushed hard right before the election. Information that could help Bush will be held back, as the media does not want to unduly influence the election? No, bottom line is that most of the media supports Kerry, so they will do what they can to help Kerry, to harm Bush, because the citizenry is too stupid to make an informed decision. Do not worry, the truth will come out, but if they have their way, not until after the election.

They must be very proud Kerry is ahead in Electoral College votes.

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How come they report it everytime one of those guys pops-up on al Jazeera? Does being on al-Jazeera make it authentic? Is al-Jazeera their fact checkers? Just tell us, we can handle the truth.

"You can't handle the truth!" - Jack Nicholson

We can, ABC, we can.

"We don't know the truth!" - CBS
10/28/04 09:53:34

John Daley wrote:

This is like playing a game where the refs are rooting for one side over the other. That's exactly what the press is doing! I have never heard so much rationalization since the argument that abortion is not killing a baby.
10/28/04 11:51:17

Just Another Tape wrote:

The tape should not change anyone's mind. Everyone has to know this is the president's first priority, whomever he is, and Kerry has promised he will fight even harder than Bush
10/28/04 15:36:36

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