A Wide Margin. No, Wider.

You hear (R)epublicans say it again and again: “Whoever wins, I just hope it is by a wide margin, and we can avoid another 2000.”

(D)emocrats can be heard repeating a mantra also: “We are prepared to litigate. In some cases, every ballot will need to be litigated.”

And the other party members are saying: ...wait … listen … no… wait … shhhhh… listen…

Clarifying the Clear Politics: (R)epublicans know that if they can generate a large turnout they will win, and they hope by a large margin. (D)emocrats hope they can get it close, and from there the 10,002 will take them over the top.

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zolfo wrote:

God help us! I think our founders are turning over in their graves. Imagine that a presidential election could end up with a President being elected by the MEDIA, LAWERS and OSAMA BIN LADEN. I doubt that this is what the founders invisioned when they wrote the first amendment.
11/02/04 01:32:01

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