Hot Weekend Nights

The weekend is upon us, and fun is around the corner, hopefully, but for those of you who are foolish enough to have unprotected sex and do not want to become pregnant, remember, there is no Plan B.

Plan B, taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex, will greatly diminish the chances of an unwanted pregnancy, but you will have to go to a doctor first, as the FDA says you cannot purchase it over the counter.

Medication should be judged and weighed on its benefits scientifically, not politically, but then where would the political football be played, where could you create Clear Politics.

You may want to consider, since there is no Plan B, and you do not want a pregnancy, why not protect yourself from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) at them same time as preventing the unwanted pregnancy and USE A CONDOM!

Condom use? Sex? Clear Politics?

Freedom means you are free to make bad decisions, but leave those to the individual. It helps no one when the government is making bad decisions, so the fewer decisions they make the better.

Enjoy the weekend, and protect yourself.

By the way, truth be told, Plan B is not difficult to obtain, it is just harder to obtain for the less informed members of society. Thatís not a good plan, though it is Clear Politics.

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