Calling the Election Already!

What can we say, but did you get out and vote today? Assuming you did, and the turnout is as we expect (HUGE!), we will predict a winner: 326 electoral votes for x, with 212 going to y. Though, there is a possibility that the 326 is a low number, assuming turnout is as expected. The popular vote and the Electoral Votes will go for the same candidate.

Someone has to be the first to call the election, and on this day, we will do no worse in predicting than the 2000 election prognosticators. If you need a name attached to x and y, go vote, and when the precincts all close…

Though Lysander Spooner is right when he talks of picking a master does not make one free, it is better to pick your master than to let your idiot neighbor pick your master. Pick away, and when the counting is down, consider how can we ask them to return freedom and whittle down the burden government has placed on our backs, and the backs of future generations?

BTW: Kerry received a little help today. A local precinct was moved from a firehouse to an apartment complex. People in the complex—vocal Kerry supporters—decided to vote, since the precinct was “only two doors down.” One woman, not able to be found on the voter role under the various names she might have been registered under, was allowed to cast her Kerry vote on a provisional ballot. Lesson: If you wait long enough, the precinct will come to you, or one of your aliases.

Lest we forget: Californian’s are a bit PO’d at being discounted in another election cycle. Some want to do something about it, though Bush moving from 12 points back to 7 points down is something. Biggest headline of the year? Bush Wins California!

Wake up. Wake up. It’s not real. Wake up.

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