Hear the Markets Roar!

The markets are roaring, and the country is optimistic! What is so good about markets is they do not get caught up in the grayness of Clear Politics blur. When the markets speak loud, they speak clear.

The markets are roaring because the victory for George Bush was not close, the victory is not in dispute, even though Kerry will not concede. The markets had worried because they were concerned Kerry might win, and now the trepidation is gone. George Bush has won.

The markets speak loud, and let us not forget that the best Osama could do was a video tape. It is good news for all when the news is prosperity and security.

Viva la Kerry Bush Kerry Bush Kerry Bush!

For those waiting, you can count on Teresa speaking her mind in the near future, and she’s going to scold us all.

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2+2=4 wrote:

I can breathe again. Kerry will concede, as basic math has been explained to Ted Kennedy, who did not want his death grip released.

11/03/04 09:40:03

T. Ewool wrote:

Time for Celebration?

I'm sorry to have a differed opinion about Bush's victory over Kerry, but that is the basis of the political process and debate—the existence of free thought and different views. First of all I would like to state the obvious, that this election was by far the most important, and dramatic elections that I and many fellow Americans have witnessed. Both parties endured emotional pains, unimaginable hours of campaigning, and battled tooth and nail to arrive at the 2004 election--an election that caught the eyes, hearts and minds of citizens of all generations like none other has. So though I am a democrat, I extend my congratulations to President Bush and believe for him it is a time of celebration, but for America it is not. We are still in war, our economy is still in shambles, the threat of terror still exists, and we are under the same leadership that brought all these hardships to America.

Will Bush get us out the war, set up a government in Iraq, find Osama Bin Laden, strengthen the economy, finally unite the country, prevent another terrorist attack throughout his entire presidency, all the while being the scrupulous president we elected him for?--hmm probably not. Would Kerry be able to? Doubtable, the task as great as the one laid before the president can not be fully addressed in on term. So two questions exist, is Bush truly the better candidate? is it really a time for celebration? The answer to both is by all means no.

Many Americans voted for Bush because they characterized him as best to "finish the job in Iraq." It seems absurd that the American people would vote for Bush because he was the best to fix his own screw-ups and monumental screw-ups they were. In a sense our country took a step backwards because we invaded a country under false pretenses (WMD's), found nothing and were left with the task of repairing the chaotic Iraq to justify Bush's ever changing casus belli to the American people. Now instead of repairing our economically strained country we exert time, money and labor to move Iraq’s government forward. The decision for the presidency was based on a man's ability to repair another's country, while our own government and its ever-growing problems remain static and unsolved.

What about finishing the job in America? When Bush is eventually successful in withdrawing troops from Iraq, we reward those troops by returning them to an unfamiliar country, one which acts out of fear of terror; one with a staggering, and crippled American economy. The threat of terror is still as evident as ever because what some Americans don't realize is that you can never win a War on Terror. It is like winning a war on crime, it can't be done, there are too many people, too many extremist minds (especially now after we fueled Osama Bin laden to become a recruiting Uncle Sam for a future acts of violence) and no matter how many liberties we take away and limit and restrict upon Americans and foreigners alike, we will never be able to prevent another terrorist attack regardless of who is in office.

Economically, we've suffered the biggest deficit our country has ever seen, outstanding deficits while our country endured the Stock Market Crash, WWI, WWII, and Vietnam. Bush's response to this...increase taxes? no but we will maintain an unprecedented tax cut, of A TRILLION DOLLARS!!! what makes Bush think that he can extract a trillion dollars without repercussion, without complete disaster. A TRILLION DOLLARS robbed from our government, from our troops, from our schools. It has crippled our nation, especially in our time of crisis (post-9/11, and Iraq War) especially in our desperate time of need. DEBT DOES NOT DISAPPEAR!!! Every adult knows it, anyone whose ever owned a Capitol One card knows it, and I sincerely doubt that the majority of America would say "Gee you know that extra few dollars in my pocket is irrefutably more important than maintaining an economically stable government." Show me that person and then I'll ask, "Where are your so called scruples?" There is no feasible plan to combat the growing debt that has augmented exponentially since the inception of the Bush presidency, all the while maintaining a tax cut in the amounts of a trillion dollars...it can not be done. But rest assure, at least Bush is the more culturally and morally developed of the two--how that benefits the country in terms of our crisis I've yet to see.
So should we celebrate Bush’s reelection? I’ll celebrate when my dollar is worth more than a Euro.
11/03/04 12:40:36

Linda McInis wrote:

I am very proud to be an American. Yes, not a Republican or Democrat, but an American. We need to all unite once again as during 9/11. The united states belong to all of us. I am so glad the politics will be over for a while and we can focus on getting our country back on track. God bless President Bush and his family. Senator Kerry was gracious in his speech, for a change he wasn't Bush bashing. I am glad I voted for President Bush and look forward to another four years with him as our commander and chief. God Bless!
11/03/04 12:54:01

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