Thank You, John!

John Kerry gives the speech of a statesman. His career is not over, and he has done the right thing. This is how we keep this country together, by moving along, moving ahead. There are times when playing Clear Politics is the right course of action.

There is much to fix in this over-sized behemoth of a government, and there are those opposed to freedom. A battle was won, but you must keep fighting the war, the desire, the expectation of freedom. The freedom to be different, together.

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Maury Blackman wrote:

His career is basically over. This was his shot and he could not close the deal.

People were against Bush, not for Kerry and he will never, never win Southern states.

Further, the dems need to move to the center and Kerry's not the man to make this happen.
11/04/04 22:59:10

Roy, SC wrote:

I thought his speech was divisive, as he kept talking about what they had done and not what they should do to reconcile the rift. They lost, they must reach out to the winner. The media pundits are echoing his statements.

The ignorant crowd defeated the intelligent crowd. Perhaps we're not as ignorant as they thought!!!
11/05/04 12:31:32

Kerry Concedes - Kerry Concedes - Kerry wrote:

A bitter losing statesman, but a statesman none the less, especially compared to where he was originally headed—a desperate plea for a recount!

As for his career being over, he will most likely continue to serve in the Senate, showing up when he has a chance, when he is not in a villa somewhere.

But the bottom line is, even though it was a bit whiney, it was a concession speech.
11/05/04 13:30:07

T. Ewool wrote:

Obviously no concession speech will be delivered with a sort of Jack Nicholson grin, that’s a simple fact. I think we should commend John Kerry for not asking for recounts or elongating the election process, for that would only create greater resentment between both parties.
I agree with ClearPolitics, there are people opposed to freedom; however those people are not the Iraqis. While our attention is diverted in Iraq trying to win what I deemed "The Unnecessary War," we haven't even given the videos confirming that Osama is still alive much thought. We must keep fighting for freedom; the only question is how many wars will Bush lead us on to preserve it? Hmm perhaps Bush's victory will increase jobs...hope you guys like the military!
11/06/04 19:05:42

T. Ewool wrote:

further government programs help provide assistance states to better education and to help citizens suffering economical problems. I don't know if its just me but assisting America to become more educated and successful likewise gives American people more options to live enjoyable lives.
11/06/04 19:27:44

LaniP wrote:

Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day.
Teach the same man to fish and he'll eat every day.

I'm tired of giving and giving and giving only to see the recipient's come to expect the gifts from others instead of giving back, to others or themselves.

Government programs breed sloth - starting from within.

Just a thought....
11/17/04 20:23:11

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