Even the French? Yes, Even the French!

It may be the distant past, but there was a time the French were good allies, and did this country a great service. How can you not look at the Statue of Liberty and be reminded of the French in a positive way, and it is our icon. The present, well, that is a different matter.

There seems to be little doubt, for those who have done the research, that the reason the French were opposed to the Iraq invasion is because they were on the take, they were profiting handsomely from the death and misery of the Iraqi people, and the nefarious dealings of Saddam. The French government appears to have been compromised at so many levels, but does that make all French bad, evil? When we have had poor leadership in this country—and we have—did that make us evil? No, and not all French are evil. Rude, perhaps, but not evil, and not all are rude.

The French are people too, people who helped us during our time of need, a time of need far more important than the invasion of Iraq. We should not forget that there are people in France hampered by the Clear Politics of their politicians as we are in this great land.

If you have five minutes, listen to a little story about a town that had their wine banned, because the politicians thought it just was not good enough, and 70 years later they are still waging the battle.

That being said, there are a lot of really good Australian wines these days, and, oh yeah, their current government supports us now and seems to be sans the corruption of the French.

Viva la Australia?

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