A Little Secret “They” Will Not Discuss

There has been a big debate regarding red states versus blue states. Those who have supported Kerry have said in various ways that the people from the red states are stupid, backward fools, though they were not so kind in their wording. (Yes, this applies to Ohio, which would have been a “brilliant blue state” if it had gone Kerry?)

One of the most ridiculous explanations of red versus blue is their proximity to water. So, according to this theory, as you move toward water and the sense of smallness, vast power and beauty the openness provides, you have a desire for larger government? What about Florida? South Carolina? North Carolina? Louisiana? Mississippi? Texas? You get the point—it is a stupid analysis that uses their Clear Politics to make themselves feel better. Do want a better explanation? There is one.

Areas that vote blue tend to have one major similarity, they are densely populated cities. In Ohio, the Kerry Kamp was expecting its votes from the same area they expected their votes in Florida, and New York, and Illinois, and California, densely populated cities. Repeat, densely populated cities. Why this they will not accept is a bit confusing, but it really is that simple.

Why, you ask? Well, in densely populated cities, you and your neighbors encounter each other all of the time; you are on top of each other. The poor and their choices are in your face. The wealthy and their choices are in your faces. Everyone’s choices are in your face, which, if tolerant, should not be a problem, but for most it is too much in your face. For most in the densely populated cities, there is too much going on to get a grasp, and if they could just get the government to control the problems, things would be much better. There is too much contact.

Finding peace, tolerance, is difficult, and allowing those around you to be different takes an inner-peace and tolerance. It is difficult to find a center, acceptance of other’s choices and paths in a densely populated city, where so many decisions and differences you do not understand or accept are in your face, assaulting your senses.

The blue people have fooled many into thinking that they have the solution, they have the answer, but this is a lie. Get out of the city, encounter the vastness of space and you will realize that we all make choices. There will always be poor. There will always be rich. There will always be criminals. There will always be good people. There will always be blue stupid people. There will always be smart people. There will always be people making really bad obnoxious choices, and people making brilliant choices. And, this is alright.

BTW: Take the densely populated areas out of Kalifornia, and California turns red.

Tolerance is the answer, and if the right ever gets the message to the densely populated cities that they do not need a solution, that they do not need to be controlled or controlling, the blue states will disappear.

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