Wrong, Again?

What else can be said, but we were wrong, again? We thought the era of Michael Moore and his attempt to control the election with Fahrenheit 9/11 was over, but we were wrong. Michael Moore is so desperate to be relevant, he is making Fahrenheit 9/11 ½. Perhaps we are all wrong, and Michael Moore is a (R)epublican.

(D)emocrat Hero
No figure did more to help energize and mobilize the (R)ight than the (D)eceptive filmmaker. Some reports said he encourage more voters to change their vote to Bush than to Kerry, many more. People are not as (D)umb as he thinks they are, but his is sure that 51% of the electorate was not informed.

The movie will be very deceitful and manipulative, and make a lot of money. It was also hurt the Democrats, severely. “It is all good,” as they say, as long as you realize Michael Moore is not around to help anyone except Michael Moore, and to ensure his portliness is front and center in the media, lining his wallet at the expense of anyone and everyone, including his party.

Yeah, he is a (D)emocrat, just ask him.

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Admittedly, now a conservative wrote:

It was not really until this election cycle that I realized I was a conservative. I think the left did everything wrong. Idiot actors and idiots like this fatass preaching to us. They did everything wrong and their solution is they did not do enough of it? If there had been no war in Iraq, Bush would have won by 80%. Keep going Mikey, give us our 80%.
11/11/04 09:08:58

Scott H. Ennis wrote:

Hello. I've enjoyed reading your columns since I stumbled upon your site before the election.

I think you are on the mark more than any other pundit when it comes to these clowns. While I am a Republican I haven't always agrred with everthing President Bush has done.

The Dems thinking of running out Hillary in 2008 should be a hoot. While the media in the country adore her the regular people see her for what she truly is.
11/12/04 06:08:09

clearpolitics wrote:

Thanks. Doing the best I know how... now if you could tell a million of your friends... really, thanks.

Keep coming, keep visiting, and keep commenting.

Again, thanks.

P.S. Hillary would be a hoot, but are they that out of touch?
11/12/04 12:39:18

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