Bush Did It! Rumsfeld Did It!

Awkward position, defending people you do not always agree with, but some of these attacks are so absurd. Does anyone really think Rumsfeld and Bush abused these prisoners? Apparently so.

Whatever you want to say about the conduct in the Iraq prison, from condemnation to disproportional response and approval, there is a chain of command, and before you work your way up to Rumsfeld and Bush you have a lot of Officers to work through. All the way up the chain of command, heads would roll in order to get to the heads of the gargoyles on top, but look where we are starting, on the top. Is it any wonder why? More Clear Politics.

Some people are always looking for opportunity, and with The Passion of the Bushless playing in a home near you, the opportunity for a rerun is upon us, but let us be a bit wiser. Have a little bit of intellectual honesty. The people calling for the removal of Bush and Rumsfeld over this would be calling for the removal of these men for jaywalking, and actually have been calling for their removal ever since they “stole” the election.

It must be agreed, these men are politicians. Politicians know how to play to their audience, and no where does there appear to be an audience for abuse, though we seem to be missing out on the conversation of what is proper conduct in the prosecution of war, and for many, destroying your opponent in every way possible is the quickest way to come to a resolute conclusion and save lives, but that conversation is not allowed. That conversation is too real when what we are after is Clear Politics, the removal of our foe by any opportunity necessary,

War is ugly. War is supposed to be ugly. And, if you truly opposed war you would not only embrace the ugliness by understand its necessity. War is also a fact of life, and always will be, even during frief moments of peace.

Maybe it is time for our book club. This month, we read Tsun Tsu’s Art of War.

Oh yeah, and as for Kamp Kerry using this to energize his loyal followers, and ask for cash - Clear Politics.

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