MediaWise? Ninth Annual MediaWise Video Game Report

The National Institute on Media and the Family, the nation's leading resource on the effects of video games on children, released its Ninth Annual MediaWise Video Game Report Card today…

Are you tired of it yet? Of being told how to parent, what to watch, and what is good/bad for you and your family? No? Then you will love this report card.

For those that are a bit bored with the condescending wisdom from policy makers, perhaps next time you see one at a party, or they give you a call to gather a few bucks, you can tell them to shut up and move on. Those who are interested in what their kids are watching already know, and those who are not interested do not care what this report has to say. So why issue such a report, you ask?

Why, indeed: The usual Clear Politics of pontificating posturing. They are showing their concern and compassion by issuing some inane report card that is of interest only to those for whom they are posturing. This shows they really care, right?

Yeah, right. They care so much they took the time to grade you, and how surprising — you failed. And, if you are among those interested parents who passed, know that you were a good parent before the “report card” was issued, and without their approval.

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