Photocopy the Photocopy

You make a photocopy of the photocopy of the photocopy of the… That is how get rid of the ID XEROX has placed in the output of your printer. It is very small, something you would never notice with the naked eye.

Does it make you feel comfortable knowing that your printing is being tracked, that an ID is printed on everything you produce? A bit spooky, but most will say they do not have a problem with the idea, as they have nothing to hide.

Privacy is not something to embrace only when you have something to hide, but to embrace as a principal especially when you have nothing to hide. Brother makes some good printers, as does Epson, and Lexmark, and… but how do we know which ones are tracking our printed words?

Remember: Just because you are paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you.

posted at 12:13:00 on 11/23/04 by clearpolitics - Category: Science - [Permalink]

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