Private Collection Agencies Part of Bush Plan

Having trouble with the IRS? Have not kept up with your payment schedule? Well, they are coming after you. No, not the government, but collection agencies, the ones now authorized by the current (R)epublican administration. As if the IRS is not already difficult to deal with, problems are now going to be handled by a third party, who will keep 25% of the proceeds they collect.

Sound like a government program for business to you, at a 25% commission rate? Were other solutions possible? How about an illegal alien amnesty program, but for taxpayers? How about cutting tax rates 25%? How about abolishing the IRS? How about simplifying the tax code? How about… Really, is this the best a conservative administration can come up with?

To be fair, a couple of House mMembers, Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.) and Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), tried to put an end to the plan, but like all good governance, it was snuck into the final draft of a 3,300-page spending bill. Yes, the good government snuck into other good government. So much for open, fair and honest representation, and for debating the issues. Wonder what else was in the bill? Perhaps a little pork?

It is probably only coincidence that collection firms have contributed heavily to (R)epublican causes. It is probably only a coincidence that House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.), investigated by a grand jury for money laundering and illegal corporate campaign contributions, is a big supporter. It is probably only a coincidence that it was snuck into a bill when it looked like it was a dead issue. These must be coincidences, otherwise it would sound like big-government quid pro quo, which would be anathema to (R)epublican conservative small government ideals.

But wait! Is this a good thing? A wonderful thing? It could be, because there is no greater way to change the IRS than to have uproar in the citizenry, and if collection companies start harassing the citizenry, we have a new cause for the Clear Politicians to act upon, from the ground up. Perhaps this is George’s real plan for demolishing the IRS, to have the people demand its destruction. Yes, the conspiracy has begun.

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