The Fraud is Michael Moore

Why? That is the only question for his blatant followers. It is a simple question. Sure, he can be funny, but so mean, and cynical. Why do you put him on a pedestal, as even he knows he perpetrates deceit, as even he knows he is not worthy.

Now, we at Clear Politics will offend many, but the truth can be offensive: Michael Moore is not comfortable with himself, as his ó here it comes ó weight demonstrates. People often struggle with weight trying to find balance in life, but when you are two, three, four times the weight your body was designed to carry, you have issues. Such behavior is extremely self-destructive. (Is it really any different than a gun with a slow bullet to the head?)

So, why? Why is a self-loathing self-destructive man your icon of the moment?

Sure, itís just our opinion, which you can dismiss and explain away, unless, of course, you wish to ponder its value (just kidding).

P.S. Did it hurt that this vote could be fixed? Did you fix the vote?

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