Clear Politics? Clearly Stupid.

Some things are bigger than us, and one of those things far beyond our scope is the power of nature. Alas, there are stupid fools treading the earth:

MORE than 160,000 people died worldwide in 2004 as a result of climate change and it was time the Federal Government addressed the issue with a national summit, a peak environment group said today.

Where did they get this bogus number? Really? Give the name of a single person who died from “climate change,” and while you are at it, point out the thermostat on the walls of this planet that regulate the climate. Yeah, that’s what we thought.

Why is it so hard for some to believe that there are things bigger than us, and climate control of the planet is one of those things? Oh yeah, because they are stupid! (Yes, we know it is because they live in fear also, but the overriding answer for all eternity is that they really are stupid, as it is there stupidity that is the root of their fear.)

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