Freedom of Porn

Remember, freedom of speech is designed to protect speech that you may find offensive—though it does say a great deal about someone when they find sex offensive.

Yes, Adelphia is adding porn to its cable system in order to more fully compete with the satellite networks, who have long offered the fare. Many are claiming what a shame it is that the “once conservative” cable company whose founder, John Rigas, kept porn out of the system on moral grounds has gone the way of freedom and the market—porn is a $57 billion industry. Yes, $12 billion US.

Sure, it is a bit of Clear Politics, and absurd foolery, that those championing Rigas’ moral stance are so vague about the fact that this moral stalwart has been convicted of looting said company for billions of dollars and is going to prison. This is a man without a moral compass, has his convictions for fraud and other crimes demonstrate.

Porn is here to stay, and if you do not like it, do not watch it, but freedom of speech, plain simple freedom, means that we all need a bit of tolerance… and, come on, it is sex… Is there anything more natural?

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