Freedom of Obscene Free Speech?

When you discuss the Constitution and freedom of speech, do you have to throw caveats into your description of speech? Freedom of speech means freedom of speech, and to uphold a right it is most important to uphold the right for those on the fringe. Not that porn and its $12,000,000,000 made in the US is the fringe, but it should be protected as such as it is treated as such.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' first public legal decision as AG:

"The Department of Justice remains strongly committed to the investigation and prosecution of adult obscenity cases."

Is it just us, or does the pornographer’s insight seem more rational:

"They touted my case for almost a year and a half about this being an important step in kind of stamping out the adult product as we know it," he told a reporter. "You'd think our government has a lot more things to worry about with the war in Iraq."

Yeah, you would think so, perhaps something really important like protecting the right’s acknowledged (not granted! ) under our Constitution.

This is where the right gets itself into trouble. The government is not wise enough to handle the economy from the top down, as the market is a better tool. Agreed, and history bears this out, but why would said government have the wisdom to filter speech and guide our moral compass? Is that not more complex? Does this sound a bit absurd?

Money and morals, what a conundrum. The left wants the money because the people do not have the moral integrity to use it properly, yet the same people should be allowed to do as they wish without having to face any consequences. The right says the people are wise and responsible with their money, but when it comes to personal decisions, the government needs to step in and guide their choices? What? Porn is a $12 billion US industry. The market has spoken, people have chosen.

It is unfortunate that there is so little consistency of philosophy. Freedom is not for those we deem appropriate, freedom is most cherished and most alive when we acknowledge that is something we all share. Freedom of speech is most alive when we find the speech obscene, as at any other time it is just a casual conversation, challenging nothing, upheld by nothing greater than the casual boring banter of the moment. We are more than that, better than that, yet here we go again.

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