Speak Easy, and Don’t Be Honest, Be Correct

The whacked-out left who have spent so much time championing free speech—a truly righteous cause that we should all support—apparently believes that people should have the right to say anything they want, and they should, though it is more important to be correct than true. That’s right, political correctness is the most important construct of speech.

Huh? Yeah, well idiots are allowed to speak also, and now they are going out of their way to suggest the Harvard president Lawrence Summers should be muzzled for suggesting not only an idea that is well discussed, but an idea that is backed by many scientists and clearly apparent to anyone who has observed human nature on any level: Men and women have differences in the design of their brain. (This is controversial?)

Among people who do the research, it's not so controversial. There are lots and lots of studies that show that mens' and womens' brains are different...

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