***DO NOT WATCH*** Again, Don’t!

Yes, the link back up for a bit, but the suggestion still applies: Do not you watch the horror.

We all want to believe human nature is good, and it is, but you cannot have beauty without ugly, and we must have some wonderful beings on this planet to compensate for the “men” in this video, and we do.

Again, let those so loud and vocal about the “abuse” in the Iraq prison be at least as vocal about this act. At least as vocal sounds a bit apologetic, as you would think they would be able to muster a bit more outrage over the beheading of another than over humiliation, unless, of course, they are playing politics.

Clear Politics. It is a game to them, just a power grab. They want to be in charge, at any cost. Is that they future they offer?

Download zip file containing video of Nicholas Berg killing.

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