As the Right Bids Adieu

You knew it was coming, the Clear Politics of power signaling the end. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. As tolerance for the rights of the minority are one of the founding principals of our limited governed society, the (R)ight is going after your indecent ways.

Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) wants to extend the power government uses to regulate “over the air” television to encompass satellite and cable television. Is the ability to turn the channel enough? Not when you can control and dictate what you citizenry watches. Does the fact that the Supreme Court addressed some of this and said it was a freedom of speech issue and should not be infringed mean anything? No, Stevens and fellow Republicans are going to use their power to determine what should and should not be on your television, because you are too stupid to cancel your programming, or block the channel, or turn off the television, or turn the channel, or, worse yet, you may be morally bankrupt and enjoy shows like “South Park” or “Nip/Tuck.”

Indecent? His imposition of shallow moral thought and understanding of freedom is indecent. His ignorance is indecent. His foul foisting of backward buffoonery is indecent, but since he is in power he will put your indecency in place? And we complain when the left is in power and starts with their impositions, such as taxes? How pathetic.

Indecent is not words, it is the meaning for which they stand. The language of Ted and friends spewed from their armchairs of paternal pessimism is insultingly indecent, but is anyone surprised? These men will do for the left what Michael Moore and his friends did for the right… [and we hear the squeak as the door creaks while opening slowly.]

What happens with the left is in power and decides talk radio is indecent, or church broadcasts over the air on Sunday is indecent? Can you really complain when you want the government running the show?

America [speaking boldly]: Ted [tense pause]… fuck you!

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