Bad Hair Day

What do you do when you canít come to terms with your thinning hair? Hair restoration. And what do you do when the hair restoration leaves you unhappy? Put up a protest site. And what does Bosley Medical do when you address the site Sue!

How unusual to sue in our society, and how unusual to sue to stifle speech ó it shows how precarious our free speech rights are balancing. These rights were not granted by the government, but acknowledged. Understand the difference?

So, Bosley Medical sues and finally loses. How much do you want to bet they try to appeal, again?

All of this over a bad hair day. Perhaps, just a thought, but perhaps if men could come to terms with thinning hair, even balding, Bosley Medical would have no reason to exist. Perhaps a little Prozac would help?

posted at 13:02:37 on 04/05/05 by clearpolitics - Category: Freedom - [Permalink]

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