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Arianna Bores Again

Arianna Huffington was a conservative married to a homosexual (she would prefer if you called him a bi-sexual ó a bit of Clear Politicking that excuses her), and she had not a clue. Well, her politics over time have shown her to be just as clueless, and now with her groupthink blog Huffington Post officially launched, a group has come together to demonstrate they cannot think, but itís okay, because the try reallllllly hard.

Best review of the site: NIKKI FINKEís column.

Most interesting tidbit: She needs hundreds of thousands to start the site. (If she only knew what could be done for $20 and a lot of work, but then who would pay her delicious income.)

posted at 15:22:52 on 05/09/05 by clearpolitics - Category: The Cause - [Permalink]

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Cary Hoagland wrote:

If a comment is to be read by thousands or even hundreds of people, isn't it worth proofreading??
05/12/05 09:31:31

clearpolitics wrote:

Yes, but sometimes in the rush of the moment... mistakes are made... yes, mistakes are made. Hopefully, the message still comes through, or perhaps the massage... ; )
05/12/05 10:04:17

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