Government Unapproved Drugs

We are giving Afghanistan $100,000,000 to eradicate poppies—yes, the plant. (We’ve given Columbia $3.5 billion for interdiction and eradication. Sound absurd to anyone?)

While marijuana is still an evil here, for our own protection, it turns out the active ingredient to getting high, THC, may reduce heart disease, similar to the popular statin drugs everyone seems to be so gleefully taking these days—though the long-term usage effects of statins are still unknown. (We do have an understanding of long-term effects of marijuana.) But don’t worry; marijuana is still illegal in the United States, so the research is being done in foreign lands, who don’t seem to understand the evils of the plant. (Switzerland? Like they’re a developed country.)

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we could just get rid of marijuana plants, and poppy plants, and coca plants, and tobacco plants, and khat plants… what was God thinking…

United States of America: First in the world at understand the evils of plants.

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