Still Arguing the Patriot Act

The name Patriot Act is not an accident, is it the usual Clear Politics, and what needs to be understood is that any, understand the word is any, any changes in our freedoms or liberties is a victory for the terrorists. Yes, that means we are more at risk, but that is what a free society is about, and if you are unwilling to endure the added risk, you are not entitled to your freedom, which seems to just fine for too many.

When you hear about them arguing, remember they are really arguing over one thing: How much more control the government is going to seize.

Those on the right espouse the need for smaller government, and this is not smaller government. Those on the left demand more civil liberties, which this is not. (Arenít they really talking about the same thing from different perspectives?)

In this game of Clear Politics; the terrorists win; those who govern win; you lose.

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