NOW What?

Is anyone really surprised at the Clear Politics of the National Organization of Women (NOW)? Why, they made it clear they were going to be opposed to a Bush nominee before names were even floated?

Yes, they are against United States Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts, Jr., because he wants to outlaw abortion, they believe ó everyone who does not agree with their complete agenda wants to outlaw abortion in their eyes.

Groups like this are such predictable bores. They should issue press releases as follows:

For Immediate release:

You know! Thatís right, you know, and we wonít stand for it.

After dong that for a while, they can file the following releases:

For Immediate release:


Yeah, we know. We know.

But doesnít NOW realize that abortion will never be put back in the bottle, and the best thing that could ever happen to the left, is the attempt.

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