Lack of Leadership?

Is the problem lack of leadership, or are they nothing more than a loose confederacy of angry paranoids on the left? The attack against Supreme Court Justice nominee Roberts amounts to a loud rant suggesting he is somehow responsible for the bombing of an abortion clinic.

The ad is disingenuous at best. Roberts did not play a role in the bombing, but anything they can do to stop a Bush nominee is acceptable — anything. The left wonders why the country does not follow them, but the answer is simple: As dumb as you think Americans are, they are far brighter than the “leadership” on the left.

More than anything, this ad shows the left for who they are, and offers nothing about understanding Roberts and why they feel he should be opposed. If this is the best they can come up, and they have been looking under every rock, they are out of business with this nominee.

See the entertainment for what it is, bad. These attacks will have no affect on nominee Roberts’, and are additional examples of the left's insulting view of the citizenry.

posted at 11:16:23 on 08/10/05 by clearpolitics - Category: The Cause - [Permalink]

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clearpolitics wrote:

They pulled the ad. Apparently people were seeing too clearly who they were with no additional light shed on Roberts.
08/12/05 09:17:15

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