Deadly Games

Is Clear Politics a deadly game? Yes. Are those playing costing the lives of others? Yes. Do they care? No.

The idea of bailing on Iraq is bandied about by those looking for followers, and gives life to those who think the US is weak and on the verge of quitting. Not defeat, but quitting, as that is what many leaders and citizens do so well ó yes, they probably have French ancestry.

Do they have a right to say what they say, yes, even if it inspires enemies and cost lives, but what you need to understand is their ignorance, and their weakness. These shallow thinkers do not understand our opponents think we are weak, and count on us quitting. They know that many do not have the fortitude to complete a dirty job, as it is easier to quit and go home, and save the dirtiness for another day, to nearsighted to see another day will come.

Whatever you felt about getting into Iraq, if you do not understand why we are still there, and why we must stand taller and stronger in the face of adversity now, count the deaths in your corner, not the administrationís. Opponents fight because they think they have a chance, and the message we send is that if you harass us long enough, you have a chance.

If you really want peace, encourage the administration to take off the gloves. Peace comes from strength, and strength is a rare commodity.

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