Is it Friday Yet?

No? Sometimes you just wish a week would end so you can start anew again, but, alas, itís still Thursday, and if you sniff around you might find a little something.

As mentioned previously, President Bush is weak not on the economy but growing government and government spending. No, not simply because of defense spending, but because Bush seems to really like big government programs. And with new programs like the prescription drug program, government obligations grow, our obligations. (Government subsidies lead to higher prices, did they discuss that issue?)

On the other hand, President Wannabe has a plan that is really not a plan, and does involve plenty of government spending and program growth, so there is no choice there for smaller government, just more of our money taken.

Does it bother anyone that they take our money and then use politics, Clear Politics, to buy our votes?

The third party that will get no votes, but whose advice is well expressed through the Cato Institute, has a better economic plan, but who cares, they will never be elected, though if people would listen to what they have to sayÖ

So, what is the difference between the two parties? What program is it going to take to get your vote? Iíll vote for the first one that wants to cut something, anything, or a party with a perennial loser, but as Lysander Spooner says, because a man gets to choose who enslaves him does not make him free.

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