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The indictment against (R)epublican Tom DeLay is so weak, it’s not worth discussing. For those who want DeLay’s hide, focus on the Abramoff Probe, where DeLay is being investigated for real and more serious allegations.

The unfortunate aspect of this whole scenario is DeLay’s pattern of conduct. When (D)emocrats have been marred with similar patterns of conduct, (R)epublicans are the first to point out the smoke and warn of the fire, yet when it is one of theirs they seem to want to excuse the behavior. Look at DeLay’s pattern, his character, and ask, “if he was a (D)emocrat, what would the (R)epublican response be?”

If you want to hold yourselves out as a higher standard than your competition, you have to first hold yourself to a higher standard.

Remember how Clinton bashed for who he had associated? Perhaps rightly so, but why does that not apply to DeLay?

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