It Is Friday! It Is!

The weekend is in sight, so it is time to seek out a smile. Not always focused on the politicking going on around us, one must seek to find balance.

Too many have seen the Nicholas Berg beheading video, so perhaps the movies watched this weekend should be a bit more upbeat. If you want to stay on a political bent, and are obsessed about the war in Iraq, there is Uncle Saddam and a new documentary called Remembering Saddam. Of course, those documentaries may give one the impression that Saddam was not a good man; in fact, you may realize he was a mass-murdering madman. If you are trying to avoid that realization, then you will have to just watch the weekend news shows.

It is amazing, but you can forget how bad a regime Saddam’s was when you watch or read most major news outlets. For example: 58 stories on prison abuse by US soldiers from April 29 through May 11, a couple of weeks, on NBC. In the past year, NBC has aired only five stories on mass graves found in Iraq from the Saddam Hussein era. There will be lots of prison abuse conversation this week. Also, you can wait and read about the anti-Bush rant coming down the pike from the man who knows truth is no obstacle, Michael Moore. (Boy, he gets a lot of coverage.)

There is something very loud in Michael Moore’s rant. He seems to be very, very, no, not angry, but jealous of President Bush. Obsessively so, in a kind of frightening, disturbed way. Perhaps a bit unstable? Well, as long as he hears his name he probably won’t strap anything to his body more than another microphone.

If you really want to see a good movie about war, about the truth of the politics, about those making it Clear Politics who know the truth, you must see The Fog of War, a movie about Robert McNamara. It is extraordinary.

But, if you just want to smile and laugh, go see Shrek 2. Me? I need another smile, so I’m going to Shrek 2. (Though, I’d like to see The Lizard.) The politics can wait a few days. Nothing will change, it never does, but I can find a smile. We can all find a smile

Enjoy the grin!

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