Just Another Week?

Another week has crested the horizon, and you get the sense it is going to be quite a busy week.

What we’ve gleaned from the weekend commentary is that George Bush fell off his bicycle, so John Kerry would make a better president. Right? Well, Kerry’s remark was more like, “Did his training wheels come off?” Classy guy, that Kerry, he should get the vote for being so witty. Sure.

Is ErrAmerica still on the air? It sounds like they are trying to keep the bullhorn of oblivion alive, even though no one seems to be interested. Interestingly, they have blamed many of their problems on an ex-Republican who came over to their side to run the show. Remember, it’s always a Republican’s fault, even when they are Democrats. Democrats mean well, and that’s all that really counts.

AirAmerica is trying to convince John Kerry to spend more of his campaign money on their “network”. Just shows you who they really care about, themselves, but they always claim otherwise. Is spending Kerry’s campaign money on ErrAmerica the best thing for “the party”?

Words are important, and actions are more important. It is more about what someone does than what someone says, but Democrats want credit for sounding good, for offering nice sounding ideas that are very unsound. Actions, that is how we measure others. Actions. Words paint pictures to hide actions, but actions are what really counts. Thomas Sowell puts it well when he talks about the vision of the anointed.

Rumsfeld banning cameras of all sorts? Yes, Clear Politics, and the reality is you cannot control the technology, so learn to deal with it, and use it to your benefit. The cameras will not go away, no matter how much Rumsfeld wishes. (Just like women will still have breasts, no matter how much Ashcroft is embarrassed by their existence.)

It will be a week of Clear Politics. Republicans whining about Democrats. Democrats blaming Republicans. Libertarians hoping someone, anyone, will listen to their call to freedom, but all will be rallying the cry of Clear Politics, with an occasional bit of sanity thrown in by those with nothing left to lose.

And as for Michael Moore winning in Cannes for his ant-Bush film Fahrenheit 9/11? Cannes is in France. Need more be said? Clear Politics!

Let’s have a great week, and keep them honest!

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