Golden Oreos?

Unfortunately, we have all heard the term Oreo used to refer a black man or woman who is a (R)epublican: black on the outside, white on the inside. It is an insulting term, and meant to be so.

Sad but true, it is news that, Derrick Wallace, head of the Orlando Florida, Orange County NAACP, has switched parties:
Golden Uh-oh! Oreo
he is a Republican — a black (R)epublican for those who think skin color is a defining factor in party affiliation.

Really, though, here is the question for those who find comfort and humor in using the term Oreo as an insult: If a conservative black in an Oreo, what do you call a left leaning white:

1) Stupid
2) Democrat
3) Uh oh Oreo
4) Sycophant
5) Clinton

P.S. For those thinking this is a trick question, as all answers are the same…

By the way, if you want to read a good posting on the subject from a thoughtful man, then this one is for you: BOB PARKS BLACK & RIGHT

Here’s a little quote:

They say black conservatives are misguided because we’re not Democrats. At least we’re not fucking stupid. [Read, no - MUST READ! It’s good & funny!]]

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