Fry Day! The Sky is Falling!

Itís another Friday, and weíre all going to see a movie this weekend, right? And since we are all such good citizens, we are going to take Al Goreís suggestion and learn about our future in the new mega-blah, The Day After Tomorrow. Well, if science isnít your thing, this may be the movie for you.

You have to love a good scientist, and Patrick J. Michaels fits that bill when he lets the truth slip out. First, he describes the movieís plot about the Gulf Stream shutting sown and the atmosphere doing a flip to create a super-storm bringing about an ice age in a couple of days that could have been stopped if we had listened to some nice scientists who care. ĒIf we had only listened to concerned scientists and stopped global warming when we could,Ē he says. (Forget that the science is bad, because these scientists care, damn it!)

He then comes to an unbelievable conclusion: ďEach one of these phenomena is physically impossible.Ē

The charlatan! Who is he to tell such truths! How does he know? Sure, it may be Clear Politics to him because the producer makes little slips like "part of the reason we made this movie" was to "raise consciousness about the environment," but thatís just between friends, other like-minded good people who think science is a bunch of hooey.

I had a friend say. ďIf you donít exaggerate the problem, no one will pay attention.Ē

To which I replied, ďIf you have to exaggerate, perhaps there is not a problem.Ē

Well. Al Gore is frightened, very frightened, but thatís alright, this is America and he has that right. Can he use this movie as Clear Politics? Sure, we can see what heís doing, but will we see the movie, that is the question.

If I hear The Day After Tomorrow is a great action flick, I might consider a viewing, but Iíll let the true believers go first, and if they come back talking about global warming, then Iíll skip this scientific expose. I still want to see Shrek 2, anyway. (If you want to read a review, the most entertaining I have read is by Roger Friedman, who works for Fox, the ones holding the bag on this $200 million scientific expose.)

And, for those not going to the movies, get outside. Take a walk, breathe some fresh air and let the talking heads go at it alone. The weekend is yours, and all the drama that is Clear Politics will return and be yours to battle next week, when you have a clear head and feel refreshed. If you have to, use some petroleum lubricant, though they say the water based and silicone based lubricants work better when playing with toys, but that may just be Clear Politics.

Smile, and have a great weekend.

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