Independence! It’s a Word.

Remember, it is actions, not words that count, and today, a ho-hum day in the political universe, you have Wannabe Kerry railing against Bush and making a claim for Energy independence. Does that mean drilling in ANWAR and elsewhere, no, it means “new technologies and alternative fuels, and establish a realistic fuel economy standard coupled with tax incentives for consumers to buy and manufacturers to build the efficient vehicles of the future.

Wait. Doesn’t that sound familiar? What’s the name? Is it Carter?

The market drives innovation, and it will come. In the meantime, do you want the government to tell you what to drive. Give Kerry a chance and he will, but remember, we’ve been down that road and it isn’t pretty.

Unfortunately, the memory of many is foggy, like that of Hunter S. Thompson.

What is amusing is with all of the power the Democrats tell you the President has the world will be a perfect place when those good people get in charge. There was a time when they were in charge, in charge of all branches of government, and… oh wait, that wasn’t so great, but if we gave them one more chance.

No go tell your friends. Be clear. Be fair. Come to Clear Politics and your mind will be tickled.

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