Crooks Are Crooked: Have You Ever Seen a Straight Politician?

The title reads, Politicians give away lobbyist's donations. Sounds simple enough, until you read it is a bunch of politicians, primarily (R)epublicans, giving away money given to them by a man who has confessed to crimes and gave money to buy influence in Washington. So, what does giving the donations away accomplish?

Jack Abramoff bought politicians with “donations”. Now that these same politicians give away the corrupting cash Abramoff “donated” to them, does that make them any less culpable, any less corrupt, any less politicians? No, but it does make them appear guilty, and cheap — it always amazes how little it costs to buy the influence of our representatives.

As mentioned here before, this may be the downfall of Tom DeLay, this may be where his real trouble begins. He is not above the law, especially the laws he makes. This may also ending being the big campaign issue used against (R)epublicans this campaign season, and with good reason.

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