Targeted, Again

There are those who said we should not go to the Middle East after 9/11 because it would only antagonize the enemy. Fools they are, as the enemy is antagonized by our existence.

The war against terror the US is waging is flawed, as all war is flawed, but it must be undertaken for self-preservation, for preservation of our society. Mistakes will be made, they always are in war, but we get to decide one mistake; elections are around the corner.

You may or may not have heard that officials have intelligence indicating al-Qaida, or other terrorists, are in the United States and preparing to attack this summer. We have long been a target, and in war the best defense is and always has been a frighteningly powerful and unflinching offense. We will be screaming for that offense to spring into action if we are unfortunate enough to be hit, and odds are at some point they will succeed in terrorizing us. We just have to make sure you do not cower.

Republican or Democrat? Bush or Kerry? Look past the Clear Politics and ask who you want to be in charge when we are engaged in battle, in war. Our hearts will be ripped out again, and we will be united in our sorrow and anger. Who do you want to lead the charge?

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