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Katrina Debit Cards

Did you think the Katrina Debit Cards were a good idea? Did you think it was good to show “the government cared” by giving freely? You may want to read the GAO report (GAO-06-403T):

FEMA’s Control Weaknesses Exposed the Government to Significant Fraud and Abuse

Highlights: PDF
Full Report: PDF

Excerpt from highlight:

We found that FEMA also made duplicate EA payments to about 5,000 of the nearly 11,000 debit card recipients—once through the distribution of debit cards and again by check or electronic funds transfer. We found that while debit cards were used predominantly to obtain cash, food, clothing, and personal necessities, a small number were used for adult entertainment, bail bond services and weapons purchase, which do not appear to be items or services that are essential to satisfy disaster related essential needs.

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