The Party Has No Clothes

The Bush administration has made some bad choices, as have all administrations, but they seem to be coalescing at the moment. No single bad decision leaps out, just kind of a “Where are we going?” feeling seems to pervade.

The criticism is directed squarely at President Bush, who is far from the conservative the left imagines, and the right desires. The question, though, is, “Why is there so much anger toward Bush?” If anything, should this not make Americans look at the (D)emocratic party with mounting of anger.

In the last two presidential elections, the big (D)s have given us Al Gore and John Kerry. Gore and Kerry as leaders of the free world? When you look at these two, the anger should be directed not at Bush but at the (D)emocrats for offering so little alternative. (And if it were not for Perot, we would probably not have had Clinton.)

In the next presidential election, when a (R)epublican wins again — especially a limp policied (R)epublican — perhaps America can start to focus on the real culprit: the pathetic (D)emocrats who offer so little. Face it, if America is unhappy with Bush, imagine how miserable things would be with Gore or Kerry.

Step up, (D)ems, and run a candidate that has a brain, can lead and is not an elitist closet socialist, then perhaps the (R)epublicans will run a candidate who is a true conservative. Until then, don’t be angry at Bush, as there was no viable alternative.

Gore and Kerry? Bush would be president again tomorrow, given the alternatives.

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Lost wrote:

Where else do we go?
02/23/06 14:38:34

Dan Chalaby wrote:

If it were not for a left leaning media, the past two presidential elections would not have been as close as they were and as you stated, if it were not for Perot in 1992, the Republicans probably would have won that presidency too.

If the democrats want to win, they need to listen to the likes of their long time Democratic senator Zel Miller from Georgia who admits their party has been taken over by the extreme left.

The old school Democrats could win without the help of the media, but the only way the new school social liberal democrats can win is to use the media to expose how terrible their opponents are on the right at running our country. Otherwise, they stand no chance. Is that the way to win an election? Wake up mainstream democrats and take your party back from the far left and make this country a better place to live!
02/28/06 10:32:03

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