It’s A Comedy!

To avoid fuzziness, I will admit to seeing the movie The Day After Tomorrow. Though, if you are going to see the movie, fuzziness is a good thing. There are some minor major problems with the story. Really, the story was laughable, and if you see it as a comedy, it wont be too bad, but the joke it is meant to become.

Two observations overheard:

“He should be smart, he’s 28 and still in high school.”

“Darwin is making a clean sweep.”

But one thing I would like to ask the anxious environmentalist: As we all “know” that there is this ice age every X thousand years or so, how come we are now the cause when it has happened thousands of times before and we weren’t even here? Did the dinosaurs fart too much?

There are those who want to feel that we are bigger than the planet, that humans are in charge. We are not We are guests, flying through space with a smile.


The Wal-Mart Question? Still raging.

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